Courtney T.

Your reading was very helpful. You were spot on.

Ezgi T.

I found Amelia’s YouTube page accidentally. After that I started following her videos and their accuracy helped me on my journey. I can control my anxiety, I can understand more logically with her readings. And I consult her for private readings. She helps me to see my strength in my journey. Her guidance is more helpful for me than my shrink 🙂 I’ve been in very difficult times and with her guidance I can manage my love life and health more easily. I am so lucky to find her. There is no coincidence in life 🙂

Joy K.

I received a private reading today from Amelia. I just want to share that it was wonderful…accurate….insightful. I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in a twin flame reading!

Luke W.

Amelia is a very insightful reader. She is very professional and her reading helped bring me clarity.


Really deep reading, I love it! Definitely will come again.


Very helpful and generous lady. Will definitely come back.

Akashic Record Reading 

Tristan, @BenjamenTristan

Your reading was insightful, helpful, and accurate.  You delivered it eloquently, concisely, and with authority. Your voice is beautiful, by the way, and your energy is wonderful.  I am grateful I got to connect with you!  You are obviously right in your divine niche and I wish you the very best Amelia.  Thank you 🙂

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