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After you have purchased a reading, please remember to email your information to me!

To see the information I will need to carry out your reading, please scroll to the FAQ section towards the bottom of this page.

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Tarot Readings


15 Minute Pre-recorded Video Reading

Best for one-question readings, follow-up questions or quick check ins. This video will be privately streamed to YouTube as an unlisted video.



30 Minute Pre-recorded Video Reading

If you'd like a more in-depth reading, or have several questions, this may be the option for you. The reading is streamed directly to YouTube for you to access as many times as you like and will be 'unlisted', so that only you and I can view it.



Twin Flame Reading

I cover what your Twin is thinking and feeling, what’s going on that maybe you don’t know about, or can’t see, in the 3D and 5D, where it looks like the energy is heading and advice from Spirit to you in the situation. There readings are usually around an hour long, although there is no set duration for this reading as I stop when I feel I’ve given all the information I can, and if there are extra messages that want to come through I pass these on, too. This reading is uploaded to YouTube as an unlisted recording, so only you and I can view the video.


Akashic Record Readings



These readings look into your soul's origination, soul gifts, past lives, soul trainings, life lessons and how your soul affects your personality. These readings are very in-depth and reveal a great deal about your experiences, successes and struggles in this life-time. Because of the comprehensive nature of the readings, people tend to only require one per lifetime.




In the extended reading I also look deeper into your past lives to find out whether you were male or female, which roles you played, which events took place and how they affect your life and relationships today, any wounds you have carried into this lifetime and any other ways in which you are currently being impacted by previous lifetimes and situations.



If you’d like to discuss a reading before making a purchase, please feel free to get in touch – I’d be happy to chat with you and answer any questions!

For the Tarot readings I need to know your question(s) (if applicable) and name. If you feel comfortable sending me your zodiac sign and the sign of the person your inquiring about, I’ll be able to provide more detail around the energy and elements present in your reading, as well as the path that you’re both on.

For the Akashic Record Readings please send me your full name at birth, full name now, place of birth, date of birth and if possible, a recent photograph.

Feel free to ask me why I need this info!


All prices are in United States Dollars.

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