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30 minute pre-recorded video reading – $35.20 

The reading is recorded and uploaded directly to YouTube for you to access as many times as you like. The video will be ‘unlisted’, which means that only you and I can view it.

45 minute pre-recorded reading – $47.50 

As with the 30 minute reading, this is also recorded and uploaded to YouTube as an unlisted video that only you and I can view. 45 minutes allows me to address your question in more depth and to pull an oracle card.

Twin Flame reading – $60.00

I cover what your twin is thinking and feeling, what’s going on that maybe you don’t know about, or can’t see, and where it looks like the energy is heading in the situation. The reading can be up to an hour long, as I stop when I feel I’ve given all the information I can, and if there are extra messages that want to come through I pass these on, too.

This reading is uploaded to YouTube as an unlisted recording, so only you and I can view the video.

1 hour live Skype reading – $70.50

With this option you and I will agree a time to meet on Skype and I will carry out the reading in real time. This option allows you to ask questions as the arise and request more information on particular aspects as they arise.


Considering coaching with me? Listen to this first!

Personal & Personalised Coaching – $20.00 to $100.00

How can my experience and knowledge of the Twin Flame dynamic and journey benefit you?

Whether you’d like an experienced, friendly ear to check in on you weekly, scheduled, personalised Tarot readings, or proactive action and coaching to guide you through your Twin Flame experience, personalised coaching is for you!

Together we’ll agree on the length and depth of support and input you’d like from me.

Drop me an email to find out more!



For the Tarot readings I need to know your question (if applicable), full name and date of birth. If you are asking about another person, I need to know their first name (any other info such as surname and DOB is a bonus).

I aim to get these readings done within 24-36 hours of receiving your information and PayPal payment. These can be sent to contact[at]

All prices are in United States Dollars.

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