The Evolution of Belief

I'm thrilled to publish this beautifully vulnerable, relatable and humorous article, written by Laura Buckley. In this post Laura traces the continuously-evolving journey of her own beliefs across her life so far and invites us to do the same. Thanks Laura!  Amelia x How did you come to your beliefs? When I was seven I wanted to [...]

Your Intuition’s Warning

I thought the next article I wrote would be Twin Flame related, but I want to share with you something that I’m currently experiencing, and something we all wonder at some point in our lives: how to know if something is right for us? I’ve been offered an opportunity that seems to fit perfectly with [...]

I’m The Life Partner To A Twin Flame

Last year I interviewed Luke Warner about his skeptical journey towards spirituality (you can read this interview here). I'm thrilled to welcome Luke back with the first guest post on this site! In this article, Luke offers rare insight into being in a relationship with a Divine Feminine, identifying as neither the Divine Masculine, nor the [...]

What Do Twin Flames & A Hindu Goddess Have In Common?

Who is Kali? Kali is the Hindu goddess of death (of the ego), time and doomsday. Surprisingly, she is often associated with sexuality, violence and motherly love. Kali embodies 'shakti', which is divine feminine creative power in the Hindu faith: primordial, cosmic energy. What I would call Universal energy, or Spirit, and what many people call [...]