Your Intuition’s Warning

I thought the next article I wrote would be Twin Flame related, but I want to share with you something that I’m currently experiencing, and something we all wonder at some point in our lives: how to know if something is right for us? I’ve been offered an opportunity that seems to fit perfectly with […]

What Do Twin Flames & A Hindu Goddess Have In Common?

Who is Kali? Kali is the Hindu goddess of death (of the ego), time and doomsday. Surprisingly, she is often associated with sexuality, violence and motherly love. Kali embodies ‘shakti’, which is divine feminine creative power in the Hindu faith: primordial, cosmic energy. What I would call Universal energy, or Spirit, and what many people call […]

Say It Out Loud! – Automatic Speaking

Last week I wrote about automatic writing with a twist – the elimination of a sense. For example, closing your eyes and trusting the pen to flow, or your fingers to find the right buttons on the keyboard. This encourages the release of control, which can otherwise feel unnatural, and therefore be a little difficult. […]