Should We Recommend a Tarot Reader?

When clients refer their friends and family to me, it’s a real compliment, and I’m always appreciative. But should we refer Tarot readers, or any kind of energy workers to others?

I mean, if we want to, yes, of course — it’s certainly not a life-changing decision! But, here are some possible things to consider:


  • We all know that there are scammers in the world (not just in the spiritual community), so when we encounter someone we trust, and who delivers, it’s nice to share the recommendation.
  • You can share and compare experiences, which can be fun.
  • The reader will certainly appreciate it, and hopefully, so will the person you refer!


  • Energy work can be deeply personal; not all readers will resonate with everyone, and sometimes readers resonate differently depending on where we are in any particular moment in life. So while you might think a reader is brilliant, the person you’ve referred might wonder what the fuss is about.
  • If we subscribe to the belief that we’re led to the people, places, things and experiences that are meant for us at any given time, does it mean something that whoever you’re referring didn’t find the reader organically? (I suppose we could say that it was divinely guided that they meet the reader through you…).


  • If the reader has any free, widely available content that can be explored first, that’s always a good thing to suggest. While it’s not the same experience as receiving a personal reading, it is a quick and easy way for someone to see if a reader’s style and content resonates in any way.
  • Often (but not always) the more emotionally/energetically invested someone is in a reading, the stronger/more resonant/more poignant the reading will end up being, so it’s important to book when the time feels right, never mind who’s referring what.

Have any thoughts about making, or not making Tarot referrals? Leave them below!


  1. I agree. People of this world need energy Healers. I am a life coach and Reiki healing Practioner. I believe that the time is now to assist in getting the people in the right energy to be in the right place to get into the 5 D/ the new earth.

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  2. I totally agree with everything you said! I think it is something that is divinely appointed so when a person makes a recommendation it may, or may not be a good fit. Your suggestion about exploring a reader first is a great one and it shows something so special about you as a person!

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