Major Arcana – The Fool 0

The Fool is the first of the twenty-two Major Arcana cards in the traditional Tarot deck (arcana meaning secret), and the card that sparks the Fool’s entire journey!

At one point or another we are all the fool, voluntarily, or otherwise, embarking on journeys which sometimes involve many stages.

At the end of some of these journeys we stand at the finish line and look back in Judgement (the final Major Arcana card) and assess the experience, others and ourselves. Or perhaps we’re under assessment from another, at the end of a course of study, for example.

At other times, as the Fool, we won’t need, or want, to complete the entire journey, and just a few steps along a particular path might be enough.

So what message does the Fool card have for us?*

Associated Zodiac Signs:

Aries ♈, Aquarius ♒


The Fool is the number 0 and as such, it signifies the birth point, or start of something. However, this doesn’t mean that 0 has no power or strength behind it; 0 is Source energy — full of potential and infinitely powerful. Although we might be about to begin a new journey, we probably have a wealth of experience from a previous, recently completed journey in our back pocket. A Fool in one area can just as easily be an Emperor in another! But I digress…


Upright, the Fool can indicate the start of something and encourages us to trust our gut feeling and take the opportunity that’s before us. Perhaps you’ve earned the right in this particular situation to take a chance based on pure enthusiasm or joy. Often, it’s the faith/naivety of the Fool that gets us going. If we knew more about what lie ahead, we’d probably never even start.

Getting the Fool card in a reading might signify that it’s time to go your own way, or to go against the grain. Others might not share, or understand, your vision.

Less often in a reading, the Fool can caution against foolish behaviour, or might suggest that someone around you is behaving foolishly.


Reversed, the Fool carries the caution that sometimes leaping before looking can lead to potential disaster. A calculated risk is advised. More information may be needed in a situation, or more planning required.

Sometimes the Fool reversed might be letting you know that you’re getting in your own way. Look at surrounding cards to see whether holding back is right for you at this time, or whether hesitation could be the result of an overactive mind (cards such as the 5 of swords or 9 of swords, amongst others, could signify overthinking).

*As with all Tarot cards there are numerous meanings and interpretations, both universal and individual. It’s also useful to keep in mind that meanings of individual cards can be illuminated best when read in the wider context of a full spread (unless doing something like a one-card reading).

Do you have any additional interpretations of the Fool card? Please do share below!


  1. The fool
    For me represents :
    A “leap of faith”
    Taking a chance on a fantastic outcome positive outcome
    Ignoring any negatives about the situation & going a head anyway.

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