‘WhAt ArE tHeY tHiNkInG?!!!’ – How to Get the Most Out of a Tarot Reading

Let’s be honest, binging on Tarot readings is a thing. And why wouldn’t it be? It’s like watching a cool TV show, except you’re the protagonist and the narrator tells you all about you.

Being serious though, often when someone watches a reading it’s because they’re looking for insight/support/guidance, which can lead to watching many readings in search of these things. I mean, when we’re learning something, we don’t just read one book, or practice something once. But does more equal better with Tarot readings? I don’t know, I think that answer is probably very individual and fluid. Regardless, whether we’re watching one reading or one hundred, how can we get the most out of Tarot readings?

Below are 5 tips for contemplation based on feedback from clients I’ve worked with, YouTube comments left on my videos and personal experience. These tips can be applied to both collective and personal readings.

(This is by no means an exhaustive list, but hopefully a starting point in thinking about which practices you’d like to adopt around Tarot – if any.)

5 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Any Tarot Reading

1) Go into the reading with a specific question or area of focus in mind.

2) Ask for a clear sign in a collective reading that this reading is for you, and remember that your sign could appear on the cards, in the background, visually, audibly, etc. Be open to looking anywhere and everywhere!

3) Sit in meditation, or take a few calming deep breaths before beginning the reading. This is a helpful step to reclaim, clear and focus your energy. You can even connect with your guides at this point to ask them to support the reader in bringing through the best messages for you at this time. (I’d also recommend clearing your energy again at the end of the reading to disconnect from the reader and other viewers (if it’s a collective reading). This doesn’t have to be an elaborate thing; just the intention to retrieve only your energy – cleansed and cleared – is enough.)

4) Use discernment. Know what to take and what to leave in a collective reading; it’s OK if not everything resonates with you. In a personal reading, remember that some messages will resonate now, while others might take a while to slot into place.

5) Remember that no reading, collective or personal carries more weight than your own intuition/desires/thoughts/feelings/intentions, etc. Stay empowered!

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