Cord Cutting: What? Why? How?

There’s so much to be said about cord cutting! I won’t set myself up for failure by trying to cover everything… instead, I think it’ll be helpful (hopefully) to offer a few key points to start you off with your thinking or investigation into this topic, or simply to introduce the notion of cord cutting to you.

What are cords and how are they formed?

Think of a length of string connecting you to another person. Energetic cords are the same, except they are not tangible in the 3D and we can be any distance apart from the other person without the cord breaking or becoming tangled.

These cords can be formed equally through energetic and emotional exchanges in intimate and close relationships, as well as small, brief interactions with people we pass in the street. So you can see how many cords we might be walking around with at any given time!

What exactly is cord cutting & how is it carried out?

Put simply, cord cutting is to cut the dead, outdated, or negative energetic cords between you and another. Cord cutting can be carried out in a variety of ways, for example meditation, Reiki and intention setting.

What can we use cord cutting for?

  • Improving a connection that we intend to keep by taking away negative or co-dependent attachments (keep in mind that behaviour also needs to change, otherwise negative cords will reform).
  • Assisting in completely releasing a person or connection.
  • Removing useless cords we’ve formed throughout the day with strangers we’ve passed or interacted with.

What can’t cord cutting be used for?

Detaching from soul contracts before you’re truly ready (as in, the lesson has not been learned, the karma is still unbalanced, etc.) You’ll know if a cord is not ready to be cut because trying to do so will, quite frankly, feel awful for as long as you’re trying to cut it.

Something to consider

Carry out your cord cutting when you will have time to rest, or slow your life down. You never know the effect energy work of any kind will have on you. Two of the most common after effects of a cord cutting can be tiredness, and surprising or unexpected shifts of emotion.

How long will a cord cutting take to work?

The energy workers with whom I’ve spoken or worked with have all said it can take around three to four weeks to notice the full effect of a cord cutting.

Helpful links & resources

  • The Ho’oponopono prayer. I was put onto this by a client (thanks, Angela!). It’s not specifically for cord cutting, but is a kind of cleansing, releasing and manifesting combo. You’ll have to give it a watch and see 🙂 I’ve personally had a lot of success with this prayer/ mantra with a range of situations and circumstances.
  • A helpful video further describing cords and cord cutting, including a discussion of stones and crystals that can be used for cord cutting.

Do you have any additional thoughts or tips to share? Leave your comment down below and let us know!


  1. Amelia thank you ❤️

    On Sun, Jan 24, 2021, 11:46 AM Dr. Amelia Caddy, Ph.D wrote:

    > Amelia Caddy Tarot posted: ” There’s so much to be said about cord > cutting! I won’t set myself up for failure by trying to cover everything… > instead, I think it’ll be helpful (hopefully) to offer a few key points to > start you off with your thinking or investigation into this top” >

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  2. Hi ive just found this and it has killed me & hurt me to the core, ive felt Love a few times during my life journey and the last 7-8 years have taken bits and pieces of me and id almost given up on finding a happy ending then out of no where i met a girl who on all accounts was having a hard time and had more or less the same outlook on life as i had it was like divine intervention or the Lord above sending each other to meet well that was how i started to look at it after id fallen so in Love with her and seeing how beautiful she was along with feeling such a connection to her a Love or feelings id never felt for anyone before, after getting to know each other and taking it all the way and some with experiencing one another i said to myself im not going to let this Love walk away this time although i think i scared her anyway we both had issues and i was so proud of her as she excelled i felt i really did help her but over the time we spent together she was so inconsistent as i was with dealing with my issues which lead to me overthinking a lot and although she told me how she felt about me her actions weren’t backing that up along with her lack of communication became the biggest problem which inturn killed are relationship if you could call it that, im now left feeling like i should have done more work on myself and it might of turned out the way id of hoped it would of but no shes now gone and im left broken completely, i still need to leave my past behind me of which im in the process of doing so but why am i only now finding this VT now and why couldnt of she said how or what should of been said to my face instead of videos, i carnt believe this i do feel cheated out of Love in a way and im finding it so hard to let go its like i dont want to lose that feeling that i had when with her, The Power of Love


  3. Hi Michael,

    I’m sorry that you’re hurting so much, I hope it will get easier with time.

    It really sounds like you (and even she) did everything you could have and the best you could have done at the time.Please try to release and feeling of self-blame.


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