Tabitha Maynard – Beyond Union (audio recording)

Hello, All! This is the first of (hopefully) more recordings in which I share with you a chapter or two from books that you might find interesting and/or helpful. Today’s recording is from Tabitha Maynard’s book, Beyond Union, which discusses the Twin Flame connection. Please see below for more info.


~ Amelia

About Beyond Union (from

The Twin Flame experience is a deeply spiritual journey that turns lives upside down. It will shake you to your core, pull the rug out from underneath you more than once with no real guarantee that you’ll ever reach union with your divine counterpart.

Beyond Union looks deep into the dynamics of a Twin Flame connection, sharing practical tools for identifying whether it is a true Twin Flame experience, stabilising and maximising the emotional connection you both share and more practical tools for maximising the gifts you develop along the way like telepathy, double-vision and astral experiences. Each chapter contains real life stories between the authors own Twin Flame.

No nonsense, practical and relevant information to take with you on this rollercoaster ride experience you are about to venture through.

Tabitha Maynard has endured some grizzly situations along her own Twin Flame journey. It comes in waves, the extreme longing for physical union with her counterpart versus the repulsion, rage and hopelessness of the entire situation. Through this she has forged her was as an independent, financially stable and confident woman paving her own way. In publishing this, she hopes that the reader finds their inner power and maximises the gifts the universe has given them through the Twin Flame activation.

Pick up a copy of Beyond Union here.

Let us know your thoughts below!


  1. Hi amelia thanks so much for thinking of me and sending this audio that I will listen to with interest.

    I’m trying to learn tarot at the moment, and I watch every reading you do, I just find your readings so detailed and I marvel how you managed to interpret the cards so in depth. Thank you so much for your YouTube channel.  I really do enjoy your work.

    Take care, stay safe

    Keely, Lancashire, UK. X

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    • Hi Keely, thank you for such a lovely comment. I’m glad you’re finding my channel helpful; thank you for being part of the community! Good luck with your Tarot journey – have fun with it 🙂


  2. Thanks Amelia for the reading. It resonated especially when you’re in the journey have to live in integrity and you’ll be challenged time and again but its about the growth for each other.

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