Guest Post: The truth About Twin Flame Mirroring — and the Ego


*** GUEST POST ***

There’s a lot of talk out there about “mirroring” in Twin Flame relationships. It can be very confusing, and the disinformation is not exactly helpful to those Twin Flames who are currently in separation and who are wanting to get into permanent union.

So, let’s look at what the mirroring thing really means, what it has to do with the ego, and how you can use your understanding of this unique dynamic to get closer to where you’d prefer to be (living in blissful harmony with your Twin, changing the world together through some important form of shared work!).

Note: this article will be written from the perspective of the more “spiritually aware” or “awake” twin, who is usually the female or Divine Feminine. The less spiritually aware/awake twin, who is usually the male or Divine Masculine, tends to be the “runner”, so we’ll be using the she/her and he/him pronouns to speak to those roles.

The first thing you need to understand is that the purpose of meeting your Twin Flame is to catalyze the final stage of your personal healing process, so that you can be a vessel for anchoring in The New Earth by living in a state of full embodiment of your Higher Self.

The crux of this healing work is about 100% ceasing to identify with the shameful view of yourself that your ego is trying to hold you to, which for the female twin normally revolves around shame about your spiritual gifts and identity as being “not of this world”.

Simply put, where your Higher Self (which is shared with your Twin) wants to take you and your Twin, your ego can no longer have a grip over you, so the meeting with your Twin Flame is orchestrated so that your “purification” (from the shameful self-perceptions that are perpetuated by the ego) can come to completion.

The next thing that you need to understand is that the ego is that part of you that fears annihilation by Love. Not romantic love, but “Love” as in the pure Unconditional Love that is equivalent to the essence of Source/God/Goddess, which the ego knows your soul/Spirit to be made of. This Unconditional Love is the God Force that you are made of, and that you sprung forth from.


The fact that your soul/Spirit is made of pure Unconditional Love is why, when you met your Twin Flame and begin consciously experiencing yourself as that Unconditional Love (which happens automatically when you are in the presence of your Twin), the ego completely loses its shit.

The ego has always known that you are a fractal of God, which inspires it to project its own sense of unworthiness onto you (it’s trying to “drag you down to its level”, so to speak). But while the ego has always done this to a certain degree, once you meet your Twin, the ego goes into overdrive with its campaign of attempting to inspire shame in you. Specifically, shame about who you really are. Shame about your uniquely spiritual/psychic nature, your healing abilities, and how those have manifested over the course of your life.

Depending on how self-aware you are, you may have noticed (before meeting your Twin) that the ego is constantly trying to make you feel unworthy. It’s always trying to stop you from doing spiritual work, or using your abilities, for example, which shows up as fear and resistance to being of service to others, despite simultaneously having a deep desire to do so.

But now that you’ve met your Twin, the situation escalates. This is because of two reasons:

  1. The ego knows that the moment you come into union with your Twin, your God Force (AKA Kundalini energy) will become so highly activated that you will notice the ego as being clearly “not you”.
  2. The ego assumes that once you realize that the ego is not you, that you would judge IT as unworthy, were it to allow you to Love it with the God Force that meeting your Twin caused you to discover inside of yourself.

… So the ego tries to recruit you onto its “team”, attempting to make you feel as bad about yourself as it feels about ITself — and the weapon that it uses to do this is shame.

The ego tries to make you see yourself — your choices, your behaviour, your words, your looks, your skills/gifts, and your very ESSENCE — as shameful, so that you will accept not being with your Twin, because you’ll have been convinced that you don’t deserve it.


The reason that the ego wants you to see yourself as shameful is that as long as you identify with the ego as being “you”, and as long as you aren’t in union with your Twin, the ego gets to survive. Whereas if you realized that it was the ego trying to make you ashamed of everything about yourself, and that the ego wasn’t the real “you”, then you would begin identifying with your God Self, grow in Love, and turn that Unconditional Love onto the ego, which it fears being completely annihilated by, because it is so foreign to the ego (the ego is a little bit like Gollum from Lord of the Rings).

So how does this apply specifically to meeting — and separating from — your Twin Flame, you may ask? Well, if you think back to the way that the separation happened, or the “reason why” it happened, it’s easy to see that it occurred because one or both of you bought into what the ego was telling you.

Because being with your Twin Flame activates your God Force — and your conscious awareness that you are a fractal of the Divine — like nothing else, the ego will try its very best to prevent it from happening. And in order to do this, it will actually try to cast your Twin as a “villain” of sorts — while simultaneously trying to get YOU to feel like you did something wrong to deserve your Twin running away.

But it’s not all bad news. You just have to be conscious of the fact that this is what’s happening, and it no longer has power over you. And there’s a trick for using the ego’s tricks as “rocket fuel” for coming back into union with your Twin.

This is where the mirroring part comes in, so pay close attention.

Literally the only thing you need to know about mirroring and Twin Flames is this: Your fears about the meaning of your Twin’s behaviour towards you (that is, his behaviour leading up to cutting off contact) will show you the ways in which you’re still identifying with your ego’s shame-based assessment of itself.

In other words, think of the things your Twin said and did between the time you met, and the time when the separation transpired, as a “mirror” that was held up for you by your shared Higher Self. Your shared Higher Self did this for you (for both of you, actually) so that you could look at that mirror and hopefully figure out that his statements and actions are pointing you to your secret fears about ways that you are unlovable and unworthy.

Your secret fears aren’t based in reality — meaning that, they don’t represent things that your Twin actually feels or thinks about you. They’re just signposts for the ways in which you’ve bought into the ego’s lies about your natural essence being shameful.

So, for example…

…when you met your Twin, perhaps you were absolutely awed by the fact that he repeatedly told you how beautiful you are. The reason that happened was to draw your attention to the fact that you secretly believe you are NOT beautiful — which is a shame-based perception installed by the ego.

Or, let’s say he told you that he didn’t know if you were compatible — and you interpreted that as him saying that you were “too much” for him. Too expressive, too emotional, too intense or too deep (AKA “too spiritually gifted or powerful”). That would mean that your ego has caused you to believe that your greatest strengths are actually things to be ashamed of.

These are extremely deep fears that are going to come up… fears that you’ve always had — probably since childhood, and possibly even from “past” lives — about your identify. About being “weird” or “not like the others”. But the whole point of there being one awake/”spiritually aware” twin, and one less awake/spiritually aware twin, is to clear these fears once and for all, so that you can embody your Higher Self, which is the aspect of you that dwells in the Higher Realms, where spiritual abilities and ascended consciousness are the norm.

As such, the mirror of your Twin’s behaviour serves to support you in choosing to no longer identify with the ego, which is what needs to happen so that you can “ascend” to your life of union with your Twin. You can’t be in union with your Twin until/unless you are fully no longer identifying with your ego, and you can’t stop identifying with your ego until you are aware of the ways in which you ARE identifying with your ego.

So, the “mirror” of your Twin’s pre-separation words and behaviour reflects that back to you, so that you can make it conscious. And that’s all you have to do in order to heal from it… make it conscious.

When it comes to the ego’s attempts to get you to believe you are nothing more than it, it’s always about not feeling good enough, not feeling lovable, or feelings shameful in some way. So if you can think back to all the things he said and did (whether “positive” or “negative”) before he cut off contact, and examine what you secretly feared that his doing/saying those things MEANT, you are doing the important work of disengaging from the ego, which paves the way for you to be able to live in union with your Twin.

And because your Twin has the same soul resonance that you do, incarnated in a different body, he will be going through a similar process. The work you do to make your unconscious fears conscious, disengaging with the ego’s attempts to get you to identify as being it, will be “reflected” across the two-way mirror that’s been held up for you by your shared Higher Self, eventually causing him to come back to you.

There can be no other way. 🙂

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  1. Hi amelia 😁

    Aww thanks so much for this article, very interesting read, thanks for taking the time to send it to me.

    I’m not religious at all, bible wise, however I’m just wondering after reading this article whether the concept of.. Heaven and hell.. Are actually descriptives of.. God self (kundalini energy =heaven)… Ego self (hell).. Inner conflict.. Just an idea that popped up whilst reading this.

    Hope your OK, watched your.. Ring.  twin flame.. YouTube reading last night, really enjoyed it, thank you 💖😁

    Take care

    Keely xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s a great way of looking at it, Keely! If you buy into what it’s telling you as Truth, the ego definitely has the power to create a mental and emotional state that can feel very much like “hell”. But the ego is not actually the enemy… it’s just an aspect of your mind that formed to protect you from re-experiencing soul woundings from this life and previous lives. So I find it’s helpful to look at it as a well-meaning friend or family member who doesn’t want you to get hurt. You just need to take its perspective on things with a grain of salt! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you Amelia for this illuminating post! I never thought of mirroring that way, all this time I thought it was just a matter of us being able to interpret what the other is saying even without words. I would certainly use this knowledge to manifest more concretely.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Amazing article!!! Immensely grateful to Spirit and self for connecting me to these healing words of truth and unconditional love💜🙏🌀 I AM WORTHY. I AM ENOUGH. I AM BEAUTIFUL. I AM LOVED. I AM, I AM, I AM💯👁🔥

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hi and thank you for the read, it provided many confirmations for what Im experiencing. That being said Im having difficulty relating the mirroring effect with one of the the things he said right before our first separation. His words were as such…. as long as there is a want for more, we can not be friends…. How is this showing me my fears as to why I believe I am unlovable? Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Jessy. This is a guest post, so I’m not best positioned to say, but I would imagine his words may have touched on a fear that people will resist if you look for deeper connections with them, if you’re not the one giving and giving without asking for, or expecting anything back. This might resonate or not, just a thought!


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