Tarot Reading – What Does He/ She Think Of Me?

assorted-tarot-cards-on-table-3088369 (1)Sometimes it’s interesting to find out the perceptions others have of us, and how these align, or not, with the truth of who we are.

Pick a pile to see how your person sees you…

~ Amelia


  1. Ms. Amelia, I’ve been a subscriber to your channel for about 5 months now and I really feel that you’re an excellent reader. Your weekly posts resonate very accurately and I look forwardtothem. Now that you’re branching out into other readings, I’d like to know if you plan to continue the Monday, Wednesday,
    Friday schedule? You did state that you’d continue these readings, but I’m not finding the Wednesday messages from your person reading for today. Also, I’ve noticed that comments have been turned off, please tell us why. Thank you so very much for sharing your divine gift with us.


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