Tarot Reading – What are your thoughts manifesting?

UntitledDear All,

Collectively, we’re in a rather panic-stricken time, arguably not without good reason. In light of this, a small offering: what are your thoughts, beliefs and feelings drawing towards you? Hopefully this 15-minute video will help alleviate fears, or assist in getting you firmly on track 🙂



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  1. Saw you latest reading on you tube. I’ve had a couple of triggers today. One was how mother treated her parents – they were so in love & mother put them in separate nursing homes.
    The was the past too. When I had my stroke in 2011, mother’s 2nd youngest daughter took charge of my situation & she was very,very dishonest in her dealing with my affairs.
    I heard both women were about to be exposed & all would see them as they truly are. I also heard my DM’s karmic was going to be exposed in the same way.
    It’s been on my mind all afternoon.

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      • Thank Amelia. I hope so too. An apology for her appalling, dishonest behaviour would be a start. My councilor says it was her behaviour was vicious.
        She is the reason why my DM & I are inseparation.
        I believe in karma & I would hate to be her when the Universe deals out justice.

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