A Divine Feminine Shares Her Experience

black-cassette-tape-on-top-of-red-and-yellow-surface-1626481Hi All!

I’m super excited to share this interview/ Q&A session I recorded over the weekend with long-time client and powerhouse, Steph. We discuss her Twin Flame journey so far, the challenges and growth she’s experienced, and how focusing on herself actually brought her Divine Masculine closer.

You can find Steph on Instagram @MS_DSA and on her forthcoming podcast, The Awakening Journey, Spirituality & Music (link to follow!).

Enjoy! ~ Amelia


  1. This was great and discouraging all at the same time.  Realized that union is not necessary as long as you are healed and aligned.  I realized this connection is not a love story which is what I thought it was.Thank you for this…as always you have helped me grow!Best regards,LilianaSent from my T-Mobile 4G LTE Device


    • Hi Liliana, perhaps we could look at it as one of the greatest love stories — being willing on a soul level to receive each others anger/ sadness for a time to help each other heal any 3D wounds 🙂


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