What Is the 4th Dimension & How Can We Work With It?


NB: This post is a little ‘out there’!

What is the fourth dimension (4D)? We hear a lot about the third dimension (the 3D) and the fifth dimension (the 5D) — the 3D is this current reality we are experiencing here on Earth, the things we can confirm with our five senses: taste, touch, smell, sight and sound. The 5D is where our Higher Selves reside, Spirit and the Archangels.

But What’s Going on in the Fourth Dimension, and Who Can Be Found There?

The answer is a lot is going on, and many beings can be found there. I like to think of the 4D as being a less perfect version of the 5D, and something of a transitional space with many beings passing through (much like the 3D) — think of a busy train station.

We can find Spirit Guides in the 4D, souls who’ve either crossed over recently or those who’ve become a little stuck (more popularly referred to as ghosts!), and our Guardian Angels who pass through the dimensions as needed. Because of the range of beings in the 4D the energy contains a mixture of high and low vibration, meaning that some souls in this space are working with light, while others may be have less pure intentions.

When we astral travel it is usually the 4D to which we go, and once there we may either visit a positive astral plane or a negative astral plane. The latter usually results in nightmares.

The 5D is a space of perfected energy and Divine light, so as you might imagine, it’s far quieter than the 4D. Here we can find Spirit, the Archangels and the Ascended Masters. This realm is absent of human emotions and the shifting vibrations that we experience here on Earth. The Archangels in particular hold a fixed frequency that we can tap into from the 3D whenever we would like to, through activities such as meditation and grounding work.

How Can We Work With the Fourth Dimension?

In some ways it’s much easier for us to connect with the 4D whilst incarnated here on Earth than it is to connect with the 5D. Think of climbing a ladder. The 3D is the ground, the 4D is half way up and the 5D is the top of the ladder. To reach the 4D we’ve got less of a distance to climb. When seeking advice from our Higher Selves or Spirit, it’s usually necessary to sit in meditation for a while to raise our vibration enough that we can hear the response (unless we’ve reached extreme enlightenment here on the 3D and are about to become the next Ascended Master, hehe). However it’s easier to quickly throw up a request to the 4D whilst carrying on with our daily life, e.g. ‘Spirit Guides, please show me x, y, z as a sign that…’.

So next time you’re looking for support, guidance or insight, think about who you’d like to connect with and why. Is it a job for your boss (the 4D), or the CEO (the 5D)?

A Caution:

As the 4D contains a mixture of vibrations and energy, I’d advise setting the intention to work only with beings of light and asking for Divine protection, or similar, before connecting.

Let me know about your thoughts on the 4D & 5D below!

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  1. I am not sure I understand the difference between 4D and 5D when he connects with me. I also wonder if my so called dreams have brought me to the 4D a lot lately, as there are’many people there and I know I do not care for some of them and I wonder what is the point of it.

    On Wed, Jan 15, 2020 at 10:09 AM Dr. Amelia Caddy, Ph.D wrote:

    > Amelia Caddy Tarot posted: ” NB: This post is a little ‘out there’! What > is the fourth dimension (4D)? We hear a lot about the third dimension (the > 3D) and the fifth dimension (the 5D) — the 3D is this current reality we > are experiencing here on Earth, the things we can confirm w” >


    • Hi Michaella, we can sometimes astral travel to the 4D to experience scenarios that we can’t here in the 3D (e.g. revenge, seeing something from another’s perspective, clearing the air with someone, etc.).


  2. Hi Amelia!

    Loved this post. There is so much confusion in the new age community regarding dimensions and inter-dimensional work. Recently, I heard there were 11 dimensions and that the TF community is helping to actualize the 7D paradigm shift on Earth. Would love if you could explain more about this during one of your reads on youtube!



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