3 Ways To Spot A Psychic Scam

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Dear Reader,

This post is on a topic that I feel passionately about: scammers, and how you can tell whether a psychic / intuitive is legitimate or not.

Within the spiritual community it’s very difficult to impose regulations and to authenticate psychics / intuitives for obvious reasons – we can’t get into peoples heads and discern the validity of their messages. This is why it’s so important for anyone in the intuitive profession to build up a solid reputation, based on their own consistently moral behaviour, in addition to the testimonies of clients and colleagues.

As with any profession there are going to be a few scam artists who want to take your money regardless of ethics or any actual psychic / intuitive ability. (It’s worth pointing out here that we all have psychic abilities, but it takes time and work to understand and hone these skills.)

Yes, these frauds are wracking up a wealth of negative karma, but that might not be enough justice in the short term, not after they’ve scammed you out of hundreds, or even thousands.

So, let’s get straight to it and look at 3 ways to recognise and avoid psychic scams all together:

    1. Transparency. A psychic who has a legitimate process and who knows what they’re doing, and why, is able to outline their process for you. They will also be able to explain clearly why they need any information from you (e.g. zodiac sign), so don’t be afraid to ask them questions!
    2. Time pressure. A scam artist is much more likely rush you to send them money (maybe more money) to perform whatever they’re offering. They will not want to allow you time to think or reach a conclusion on your own – you might just realise it’s a scam!
    3. Fear factor. A psychic or intuitive who is genuinely interested in helping people will not say things like, ‘You have to pay me to do X, Y, Z immediately or something terrible will happen’, but a scammer will. Why? Because they want to make you afraid enough, panicked enough, dis-empowered enough that you’ll pay whatever fee they demand for their help.
  1. Have you had any curious experiences with psychics / intuitives? Do you have any additional tips on spotting scammers? Leave your comments below!

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