Karmic Or Twin? – 5 Ways To Tell


This post is inspired by a question I’ve been asked recently by several Divine Feminines. Essentially, the question is this:

I’ve been in a Twin Flame connection for X many years with someone I thought was my Divine Masculine, but I recently met someone and we share such an intense connection. I’m now wondering whether I was wrong and the new person is actually my Divine Masculine. Is that possible?

In short, yes. The Twin Flame connection can be mistaken for an intense connection with a Karmic Soulmate. There are a few things I’d like to address around this:

  1. The Difference Between a Karmic Soul Mate and a Twin Flame


  2. Why Your Time Wasn’t Wasted

    If you’ve looked at the chart above and decided that you’re in connection with a Karmic Soul Mate, or have been, you might feel disappointed, as though perhaps you’ve wasted your time. That’s not true! There are reasons why your Karmic connection has been helpful (and divinely orchestrated!).

    The Karmic Soul Mate has helped prepare you to meet your Twin by pushing you to cycle out old energy, heal and recognise what you do and don’t want in your ideal relationship. Think of Karmic Soul Mate connections as practice spaces in which you can test out boundaries and make a mess (if you like) before encountering the ‘real’ thing.

  3. Moving Forward

    Now that you’re moving into connection with your Twin and you’ve learnt your lessons, know what you do and don’t want in a relationship and have a wealth of experience behind you, remember to maintain your boundaries and to stay empowered!

Do you have any points you’d like to add the chart above? If so, leave them in the comments below!

Helpful resource:

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  1. Discovered your website through your YouTube channel. Love your readings. Thank you for these resources here. So very helpful and insightful. Much love and blessings 🙏🌼🌠

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