Your Intuition’s Warning


I thought the next article I wrote would be Twin Flame related, but I want to share with you something that I’m currently experiencing, and something we all wonder at some point in our lives: how to know if something is right for us?

I’ve been offered an opportunity that seems to fit perfectly with what I’m doing right now and which would enable me to push forward in my life in ways that I’d like to. So it’s perfect, right? Well, no. It just doesn’t feel right.

I can’t give you, or myself any reason why I have my reservations, except that my gut feeling, my intuition, my Higher Self is communicating with me through emotion. Letting me know that perhaps all is not as it seems.

So how can we tell if it’s communication from something greater than our 3D selves, or just fear holding us back? Here are 3 ways:

  1. The feeling is persistent and nags at you. You can find any practical or logical reason why you should feel uncomfortable, you just do.
  2. You address your concerns practically but they still don’t go away. So you’ve made a mental or practical list addressing each of your potential concerns but that hasn’t helped, you still feel funny about it.
  3. Every step so far has been a struggle. Things that are meant for us have a flow to them, they feel easy. Not to say they don’t take effort and work, but you don’t meet unlikely obstacles every step of the way. If you are continually encountering roadblocks, perhaps this is the Universe’s way of trying to get you to reassess the situation.

If you’re unsure about making a decision, or whether a particular situation (or even person) is working towards your highest and best good, try one or all of the following steps to connect to your Higher Self/ Spirit Guides/ Guardian Angels/ the Universe and so on to ask for more information:

  1. Once in bed request dream insight into whichever facet of your situation you’d like to know more about. Make sure to keep a notebook by your bed to write down what comes to you. Sometimes it’s not until you write your dream down that it begins to make sense and unravel for you.
  2. Try automatic writing. For an added spin, check out my article on this topic.
  3. Book a professional Tarot reading. I offer some of these here 😉
  4. Ask to receive signs while you’re out and about, living your regular life. But remember to notice their relevance when they appear!

I’m not sure just yet which decision I’m going to make, but I’m willing to let my gut feeling lead the way.

Have you allowed your intuition to guide you against your own logic? Or wished you had at some point? I’d love to hear your stories below.

Much love,

Amelia x

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