I’m The Life Partner To A Twin Flame

Last year I interviewed Luke Warner about his skeptical journey towards spirituality (you can read this interview here). I’m thrilled to welcome Luke back with the first guest post on this site! In this article, Luke offers rare insight into being in a relationship with a Divine Feminine, identifying as neither the Divine Masculine, nor the Karmic partner.


Amelia x


Luke isn’t on social media, but you can get in touch with him by leaving a comment below!

The internet is crammed with information about the Twin Flame relationship and the Karmic partner, but what if your neither and still intimately involved? That’s the position I’m in.

I Am In A Relationship With A Divine Feminine

It is a sometimes-difficult position that requires understanding, but with trust and communication it can not only provide the chance for personal growth, but bring you closer to your partner. Hopefully this post will offer some guidance and support for those in the same position as me.

I remember the moment my partner mentioned an attraction and connection to someone else. It was a shock, I thought we were totally happy. To hear that they have an intense draw to someone else was earth shattering. I didn’t know what was happening. I immediately thought I was doing something wrong or there was something off in the relationship, my mind was filled with insecurity,  jealously bursting out of every part of my body. I couldn’t understand it: what was going on? Why was this happening?  My partner wasn’t sure what was going on either, they were content in our relationship, we both struggled to totally understand this new intense connection.


We went on for a while in this state, talking everything through and trying to gain some understanding until they found out about Twin Flames, this changed our thinking and finally everything clicked and we had the understanding we craved.

Now We Knew What It Was, What Do We Do?

As we all know the Twin Flame relationship is a deep, deep connection, (I highly recommend reading as much as you can about it, it truly helps to have as much understanding as possible). As part of the soul journey the Twins need to be in each other lives. Knowing this takes away the insecurities; the connection is not your partners fault. This is not just a fleeting attraction or a desire to be with this other person. They must have them in their lives to complete a deeper journey, to grow and to learn in this life and beyond.

2 Tips:

1) Let go of ownership

Love and ownership are not the same. If you truly love your partner be with them, trust them, support them through this journey and let them explore this connection. Written down this sounds easy, at times it isn’t. Any of you on your own Twin Flame journey know that it is hard and tough and painful. Being the partner is the same. Seeing the person you love most go through incredibly tough times is so painful, seeing another human at times torment them and hurt them fills you with anger and leaves you with no way to release it. I wanted to help I didn’t know how.

Sometimes it feels lonely being the partner to a Twin Flame, this led me to feel such strong guilt at times, like somehow my presence was getting in the way of their connection. That me being with my partner was stopping them from fulfilling their Soul Journey.

2) Communicate

Share your fears no matter how irrational they may seem, talk through them and make sure you are open enough to have your partner talk to you. Try to remember that however tough this is for you, it is also as hard, if not harder, for your partner. They are stuck between trying to proceed with this deep, and at times, all-consuming connection and trying to not hurt their Life Partner. In many cases they don’t even want to feel this connection (a feeling I’m sure all Twins can relate to at some point!). They feel guilty too, and confused. Try to understand that this a new situation for everyone involved and be as open and supportive as possible.


Being The Life Partner To A Twin Flame Is Tough

It’s not an easy journey and for some it may be too difficult. I understand that, and if it feels too tough, you should protect yourself and if you need to, exit the situation. But if you trust your partner and communicate with them it can bring you both closer and offer the chance for real and long-lasting personal growth. I learnt so much during my partner’s Twin Flame journey. It changed my views on ownership, it helped me to communicate better, it made me more open to all kinds of spiritual relationships and connections. It made us closer as a couple, we went through a difficult experience but we shared everything and this made our bond stronger.

There were times at the beginning when I wanted their connection to just go away, I thought life would be easier that way, but looking back now it wouldn’t have been. Both my partner and I have grown so much because of this journey and although there are things along the way I would change, I would not change going through this experience.

The Life Partners who are neither a Twin nor Karmic are often not thought about, but good luck to all you Twin Flame Life Partners out there.

If you’d like to share your experience, thoughts, or ask a question, please feel free to leave a comment.

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