What Do Twin Flames & A Hindu Goddess Have In Common?


Who is Kali?

  • Kali is the Hindu goddess of death (of the ego), time and doomsday. Surprisingly, she is often associated with sexuality, violence and motherly love.
  • Kali embodies ‘shakti’, which is divine feminine creative power in the Hindu faith: primordial, cosmic energy. What I would call Universal energy, or Spirit, and what many people call God.
  • As an embodiment of time, Kali devours all things. Aesthetically, she is irresistible to both gods and mortals.

Kali’s Origins

There are several versions of Kali’s creation. The three most popular are:

1. The warrior goddess, Durga became so furious when she was in battle that Kali burst forth from her forehead as an embodiment of Durga’s rage. Kali was


unstoppable and devoured all wrongdoers in her path. She could only be calmed by Shiva (the supreme being) placing himself beneath Kali’s feet. Once she realised who she was stepping on, she calmed down.

2. Parvati (goddess of fertility, love, beauty, marriage, children and devotion) shed her dark skin (her shadow side, perhaps?), from which Kali was formed.


3. Both humankind and the gods were tormented by the demon, Daruka, who could only be killed by a woman. To deal with this problem Paravti jumped down Shiva’s throat. Why? Because years before, Shiva swallowed poison and when Paravati and the poison mixed, Kali was created. Kali leaped from Shiva’s throat and killed Daruka.


So you can see, whichever origin story you prefer, Kali embodies strength, fearlessness, purpose and, perhaps most importantly, the willingness to face and explore her shadow side. In each interpretation of Kali’s genesis, she merges the light with the dark. 

Kali & Twin Flames

At various stages along the Twin Flame (TF) journey, both the Divine Feminine (DF) and Divine Masculine (DM) will be required to engage with their shadow side.

Usually the DF will tackle this task first, as typically the DF is slightly further along the path than the masculine. Now don’t be fooled, this isn’t a one-time thing. Both parties will need to explore the depths of their shadow side repeatedly, until each of the triggers and wounds have been addressed and healed. This isn’t comfortable and usually it’s unwelcome. We understandably avoid the shadow aspects of ourselves in everyday life, but the TF connection the Universe will force us to both confront and heal our wounds.


Because the point of the TF union is for the DF and DM to unite and at an extremely high vibration of love and to spread this high vibration throughout the world, simply by being in this state themselves. So of course, one can’t spread the love, spread the good, high vibes if one isn’t vibing highly, right? This is why both the DF and DM need to address wounds that keep them each in lower vibration.

In the third dimension, the one we’re physically in, this process of weeding out the triggers, healing the wounds and getting to a higher vibration feels like hell. It’s responsible for the separation phases between the Divine Counterparts, it’s why you’re retriggered by something that you though you’d gotten over (because there’s still work to be done), it’s why the Universe seems to be conspiring to remind you continually of that person you don’t want to think about, or that event you’ve tired to repress.

It’s not fun, being forced to address our shadow sides and it can be as painful and exhausting (emotionally and physically) as being tormented by a difficult illness. You will certainly feel like you died and were reborn once you’re farther along in your healing.

How Can Kali Help Us?

Kali reminds us that in these times we can harness our own strength, ferociousness and courage – whatever this looks and feels like to you – in combination with gentleness and grace. In many cultures and societies across the world, women are encouraged to be affable, diplomatic, understanding, so strength and power can be difficult for a DF (if you’re female) to comfortably harness and express.

Much like the DF and the DM, Kali embodies the Yin and Yang, Tarot’s Emperor and Empress.

Kali’s various stories of origin seem to ask:

What does strength mean to you? Do you feel comfortable displaying strength, power?

When you need a boost of strength, the courage to explore a trigger (they’re no joke!), or even to balance out your personal masculine and feminine energy, call on Kali for insight and guidance.

If you’d like to chart your triggers and assist your healing work, download my free trigger sheet here.

Much love,

Amelia x

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  1. How interesting that you mention the Kali. However, I feel, Kali is actually like Queen of Swords. She slays the demons, shells out the truth unapologetically and puts an end to darkness. The parvati actually is the empress (and the divine feminine) the combination of all the four queens. Shiva, of course, is the Divine Masculine.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That she is, Amelia. She slays darkness for the greater good. She is the queen who is unapologetic, truthful but only with the intention of the greater good, not personal gains or manipulation.
    But, I am so happy to read this article! Parvati and Shiva are my divine parents (that’s who I pray to).

    Liked by 1 person

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