3 Practical Ways To Regain Balance When Manifesting


Within the spiritual community, and outside of it, people say things like ‘everything happens for a reason’ and ‘divine timing is everything’. Although these clichés are annoying, they hold truth. But, if you’re in a sticky situation and feel frustrated or helpless, waiting for some kind of ethereal, enlightening moment to happen feels torturous. So what practical steps towards action and manifestation can you take in the meantime?

1) Think over your situation: make a list what is in your control and what is outside of it.

2) Now you have at least one thing you can take action towards, even if this is just your own feelings (I say ‘just’, but really, what’s more important?). So take action! The uplifting, forward momentum you’ll get from being proactive and regaining control will shift your energy and vibration to a higher state and open you up to receive more easily and quickly. And when things are ready to fall into place, you’ll have already done the groundwork.

3) So now you’re taking practical action. If you’ve still (somehow) got excess emotional/mental/spiritual energy to burn, direct your focus towards a different area of your life. So if you’re stuck in love, look at your career. If your career is occupying every thought, give some attention to your health. And so on. Redirecting energy and focus from something you really want is easier said than done and may take a few attempts, so don’t be tough on yourself if it doesn’t work immediately.

Good luck – what are you currently manifesting?

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