Say It Out Loud! – Automatic Speaking

Holding microphone.jpg

Last week I wrote about automatic writing with a twist – the elimination of a sense. For example, closing your eyes and trusting the pen to flow, or your fingers to find the right buttons on the keyboard. This encourages the release of control, which can otherwise feel unnatural, and therefore be a little difficult.

This week I’d like to offer an alternative to automatic writing, or cathartic writing.

Sometimes, quietly sitting down to write one’s feelings isn’t enough. Maybe you’re angry and want to shout, maybe you feel unheard, maybe you just like the sound of your own voice. Whatever the reason, recording an audio message can be very satisfying. These days most phones and computers come with apps that record voice messages. Why not try saying what you have to say out loud? Let your thoughts go wherever they lead without worrying about paragraphs, punctuation and spelling.

This technique is be particularly healing if you’re somebody who has spent a lot of time being silenced in one form or another, or who frequently has blockages in their throat chakra.

After you’re done, if you’re brave enough you can listen to your recording. If not, just delete it!

Let me know in the comments if you try this technique!

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