(Automatic) Writing Blind

automatic writing

Automatic writing is one of those things we’re told will help us connect with our Higher Selves, open up our intuition, reveal hidden solutions to problems that previously held us in an eight-of-swords-vice-like grip.

Great, but what if, like me, your business is words and you’re snapped back to reality with each typo and grammatical error? Or perhaps you prefer pen and paper, but your hand can’t keep up with your mind?

Automatic writing has never been my favourite technique.

So if you’re like me, and don’t feel the love for automatic writing, or have never managed to make it work intuitively for you, here’s a spin on the ol’ classic that might help:

A while back I had an event coming up, one that I was feeling quite anxious about, so I thought I’d do a bit of automatic writing.

To begin with I took a few deep breaths and tried to relax as much as possible (I’ll admit it was late and I didn’t fancy thirty minutes of meditation). I then began writing, and as usual wondered whether I was receiving Divine inspiration or listening to my own internal monologue. But then something lovely happened. I felt inspired to close my eyes. So I did, and continued writing.

With my eyes now closed I suddenly became aware of how tightly I gripped the pen, how focused I was on keeping my writing neat, and observing and judging everything I wrote. With my eyes closed I eased my tight grip on the pen, worried less about writing neatly and genuinely felt free.

While I wrote like this, a few pieces of advice — both useful and touching, and exactly what I needed — came through, and when I opened my eyes, to my surprise, what I had written remained neat (a quiet message to have faith in the outcome and enjoy the ride!).

So, if you struggle with automatic writing too, but want to reap its so-called amazing benefits, try it again and force yourself to give up an element of control by eliminating one of your senses.

Which sense did you choose? How did it go?

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