Interview With A Former Skeptic

Last week I wrote about manifesting and this week, to follow up, I thought it might be nice to hear another point of view on meditation, manifesting and spirituality in general. So over to Luke…

AC: What does the term spirituality mean to you? Is it a term you identify with, or is there another you prefer?

LW: It’s such a broad term and I think everyone should apply their own personal meaning to it. For me, it’s a moment of peace and clarity in which I’m existing with just my inner mind, and the tranquil feeling in that moment, for me, is spirituality.

I tend not to think of it as one specific thing. It’s a lot like love to me – it can come in all manner of forms.

AC: When did your interest in spirituality begin?

LW: Fairly recently, I would say about 6 – 8 months ago. I’ve always been intrigued by spirituality but I was very skeptical about the validity of it and weather it was an actual thing, or just mumbo jumbo.

AC: I know you’ve become quite the fan of meditation. Why is this? What is your typical meditation ‘routine’?

LW: I think everyone should be a fan of it. It’s so calming and wonderful. I became a fan because it allowed me some time to myself and time to listen to myself. I never used to make time for this and the stress I felt would build up and manifest itself in different ways, for example, physically.

Since I’ve started meditating I feel calmer and it’s such a cliché, but I actually feel in touch with myself, something I didn’t really believe was a thing, but it’s actually achievable with meditation.

My routine is ultra simple, I lie on my bed and close my eyes and take deep breaths and focus solely on my breathing. I then envision a white light passing up from my toes and towards my head, taking all of the day’s stress and worry and pain away with it.

AC: What do you feel has been the impact of changing your diet, and previous lifestyle habits? How have these changed if you don’t me asking, and what was it that brought these changes on?

LW: I feel less stressed now and more able to relax. In general I feel healthier and I have found that my sleep has improved too. I used to worry a lot about things and they would constantly be going around my head. Now, after meditation, I find that this doesn’t happen.

I also had a fairly unhealthy lifestyle – I smoked and drank and didn’t give my body the

Unfortunately not ‘the’ blue button, but blue buttons nonetheless…

care it needed and was crying out for. It was a slow process bringing about the changes, it started with looking inside myself and trying to figure out what I wanted from life. It’s a hard thing to do, but out of that process came clarity about how I wanted to live my life. I’m not a saint, I still drink from time to time and I still have the odd take-away, but I do it all in moderation now and feel better for it.

I also met the person of my dreams and wanted to live every moment with her without feeling tired or stressed, or thinking about my next cigarette.

A bad diet and lifestyle also played a part in both of my parents’ deaths and I am determined to break that cycle for myself and for them, and for the people I love and who love me.

AC: Recently we had a discussion about the law of attraction and you decided to try manifesting. How did that go?

LW: It went insanely well!

I hadn’t heard of manifesting before and you mentioned it and I was intrigued – a little

skeptical, but interested and open to trying it. We tried to think of something totally random to attract and came up with a blue button. I’m not sure how we got there, but it was a blue button that we landed on.

So we sat and tried to attract a blue button.

It was in the back of my mind, but I hadn’t really thought about it, and was just walking along at work and there, right in my path, was a bright blue button. At first, I thought, no, this has to be some sort of coincidence, but a little later on at work I found another blue button. It’s totally crazy and just shocked me that manifestation can actually work!

AC: Looking back can you see any instances in your life in which you now recognize that you had manifested something, before you became aware of the manifestation process?

LW: I’m sure it’s happened so many times without me ever realising it, but there is an instance I can now see that I manifested what I desired.

A couple of years ago I thought to myself, what do I want from my life? What do I truly desire deep down? One of the things I desired was to have a beautiful, positive relationship and to meet my “soul mate”. So I sat down and thought about all the qualities she would have and what her values and personality would be like. I thought after thinking about all of that that there wasn’t anyone who could possibly be all of those things, but if there was I was going to find her. A little over two months later I started talking to a woman and the more I found out about her, the more I realised she was everything I had ever desired.

AC: Is there any advice you’d give to someone who has a spiritual inkling, but doesn’t quite know where to start?

LW: I would say start with meditation, it’s something you can do alone and not feel embarrassed about. There are loads of guided ones online to get you started. I was so skeptical about all of these things, but I thought I would try them and they have improved my life immeasurably. There is nothing to lose by trying these things and who knows, maybe they might change your life as they have mine. Good luck!

AC: Thanks, Luke!

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