5-Step Manifestation Technique


In my last post I wrote about what to do when manifesting ‘goes wrong’. Today’s post talks about how to manifest (strange order, I know, but I’m wacky like that).

So, when it comes to manifesting, when does action become interference? When does trusting the universe become inaction?

There have probably been a handful of instances in which you’ve manifested something and seem to have taken the right amount of action at the right time — often because you’ve been detached enough from said thing to not overthink or obsess about it. But when it comes to something we’re really invested in, we often find ourselves alternating between feeling as though we’re trying to take too much control, or not enough. This in itself is distracting and hinders the positive energy we work so hard to put out.

Hopefully these 5 steps will help you figure out a balance that works for you:

1) Know what you want to manifest.

2) Make sure you know why you want this particular thing (be honest). You don’t want subconscious conflict or to send mixed messages to the universe.

3) Meditate. Make sure you’re in a high vibrational state, feel grateful and excited (to do this, think about a wonderful memory or how awesome you will feel when your manifestation has come in.) NOTE: If  *any* negative feelings arise when you imagine this, it may be a sign to rethink the details of the thing you are trying to manifest.

4) Once you’re feeling good, grateful and excited, send your intention out to the universe. You can set up a ‘ritual’ each time you do this to make the process feel more complete. For example, light a candle before you set the intention and then once you’ve sent it off, blow it out (sort of like sending an email and hitting the send button), or hold onto an energy enhancing crystal (I like to use clear quartz), perhaps burn essential oil. Find what feels right for you.

5) Write a list of action points. Now that you have sent your request out to the universe, what can you do here, on this physical plane, to help the universe help you? For example, you want to meet someone. Sitting at home doing nothing is putting out the vibration “I want this, but I want you to bring it to me”. Well, surprise! You’re not getting it that way. The universe is going to help you help yourself, not live your life for you. Going out with the intention of being open to meeting people, that’s positive action, joining a dating site, hosting a dinner party, these are all ways you can take action while allowing the universe to align you with the desire to meet someone in the best possible way.

Crucial tip: Don’t think obsessively about what you’re manifesting, just go out and do what you can, where you can. And where you can’t, live the rest of your life. If you worry about what you’re trying to bring in, you’ll bring in more worry, because that’s what your energetic vibration matches. You’ll send out all kinds of mixed messages and feelings about what you want because you’re likely to feel impatient, or doubtful, and actually block the thing you’re trying to bring in.
Good luck! Let me know how you get on in the comments.

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