When Manifesting Backfires

So you’ve been manifesting, huh?


Well, STOP!

At least pause, and think about where you are how you got there.

How does your current situation align with what you believed you wanted at the start? Is it better? If so, great! Stop reading. If it’s a little less than you wanted, the good news is that you can change the direction starting, well, immediately.

You see nothing could have happened without you being a vibrational match on some level. So there was/is indeed some part of you that wanted, was open to, or facilitated the situation you currently find yourself in, whether consciously or unconsciously.

Think about the signals you’re sending out, the actions you’re taking, your default responses to things. Do these always align with your beliefs and/or words? How can you alter your actions to get back on track and bring in what you want?

Remember, you’re The Magician – you’ve got all the tools you need to bring in your dream!

How difficult or easy do you find it to manifest? Let me know below!

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