Finding What Makes You Happy

Cheerful coffee

How do you know when you’re happy?

It’s something we feel first, which then becomes an intellectual thought. Our initial guiding system, letting us know whether a decision we’ve made makes us feel good or bad, is that inner feeling. Sometimes we have to catch it quickly before out rational mind takes over, other times the feelings won’t become quiet no matter how much you try to ‘think’ it away.

So, a task for today: listen to that small guiding feeling and follow it as much as you can — do you want an egg sandwich for lunch or a cheese roll? A green tea or a coffee? Do you really want to go for those after-work drinks this evening?

We’re so used to doing what we think we have to do, or what we are expected to do that this little exercise might initially be quite challenging. It might be worth starting off with just a couple of hours, then a morning, until you’ve got the hang of it enough to keep it going all day, every day.

After you’ve managed to listen to, and follow what really makes you happy, take note of how you feel. Light, positive, in control?

Let me know in the comments!

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